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Established in 2004 and located in Bangalore, India, Goldenseams is a premier manufacturer and exporter of readymade apparel for Men, Women & Kids. We have a 90% women-led workforce serving clients across the world including multinational brands & retailers such as Superdry, Michael Kors, Pepe Jeans, Jules etc. with a focus in bottom wear and shirts specifically. Our area of focus is to provide quality materials & impeccably crafted fashion apparel & fabrics, at competitive value with complete “Design to Delivery” service.


Our capabilities in design development, manufacturing operational efficiency and commitment to quality and sustainability have helped us grow and succeed ever since our inception.




Meet Sanjeev Mukhija, ​​the founder of Goldenseams Industries Pvt Ltd. With over 17 years of experience in the textile and fashion industry, you’d be hard-pressed finding someone with his level of knowledge and insight. The year 1998 marked the beginning of Sanjeev's journey when he started exporting premium fabrics into the Middle East and East Asian markets, In 2004, he founded Goldenseams Industries with a vision of collaborating with international fashion giants and in no time Goldenseams Industries became a manufacturing powerhouse, servicing some major European brands. 



We strive to be a 100% transparent internally and externally. We recognize the important of trust and respect, which creates a positive atmosphere for all and believe that transparency is key to get there.

Be You

We hired you because we think you’re smart and saw that spark. We are not concerned about the clothes you wear, what your ethnicity is, or where you come from, only the ideas and creativity in your head!

Deliver Impact

While all the ingredients matter, we know that it’s the end result that counts. We strategically prioritize our time and resources to deliver the best quality of garments and can be counted on to fulfill orders on time.

Design Thinking

We like to play with different ingredients to produce unique products here at GS. We start with a compelling vision and work backward to create and communicate a clear plan. If all we focus on is our competition, we will never truly innovate.


Being flexible to changing circumstances, rising to new challenges, and changing actions when working together to ensure overall success. E remain effective even when everything changes around.

We are one

They say teamwork makes the dream work. At Goldenseam, we believe it is essential for our people to collaborate and communicate effectively in order to deliver the best product to the buyer.

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