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We believe that the work that we do should have a positive impact on our people, our community, and the overall environment. 

As an organization, we place the utmost importance on being environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and on the overall health, safety & development of our employees. We recognize the need to limit our environmental footprint and efficiently use our resources. Along with this, we also believe that it is important to contribute to the society around us and hence place emphasis on local projects that benefit the communities around us. Lastly, we believe that happy employees make happy customers. Therefore, we constantly strive to make our work environment as safe, inclusive, and respectful as possible. 


Environmental Sustainability: 

Our Vision is to develop the practice to curb the serious impact of fashion by partenering with brands who believe in ethical sourcing, and have higher quality control so that the products last long along with the use of sustainable raw materials and wash processes.

Social Responsibility:

We are focused on developing our communities socially and environmentally through numerous projects and initiatives that help create environmental awareness and create a sense of belonging within the community. Some of our CSR initiatives include blood donation drives, world environment day, plant a tree, etc.

Employee Training & Well-being:

We believe that our company’s success is a byproduct of the hard work and dedication that the workers at GS put in. In order to further our employees' learning and provide them with a platform to advance their professional growth, Goldenseams has an Employee Skill Development Program where workers can upskill and grow within the organization. Keeping worker safety in mind, we regularly have Fire Safety Training, First Aid Training, and an Internal Safety Audit that is conducted from time to time. In addition, we have in-house doctors and a welfare office who take care of employee counseling and spreading health awareness across the factory.



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